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kemela is a specialist Hi-Fi retailer located near fashionable Inman Park Village and within walking distance of the Atlanta BeltLine. We are by appointment only.

kemela has on demonstration a very wide range of high-end audio speakers, turntables, amplifiers, DACs, network players, phonostages and much more for you to audition without obligation in our two real-sized/sounding showrooms. We are by appointment and you will need to call in advance to set up an audition, so you can have one-on one time without waiting, and we can make sure we have gear warmed up and ready. Many times we can accommodate you the same day but out of state visitors definitely must call in advance.

You might be new to high fidelity home audio and looking for a great first turntable, an experienced music listener wanting an impactful upgrade, or wanting to add digital streaming and network audio technologies to your existing system. We offer not only award winning products at many price levels, but also the technical support and responsive after sales service so you can keep enjoying your music. Auditions are typically 90-120 mins and are conducted in a non-pressure manner. Answer as many questions as you wish. You will find our demos are both an educational and enjoyable experience. Parking is easy and there are many excellent restaurants close by.

For more information about kemela. Established in 2001.

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December 20th 2022 - Christmas Stocking Filler

The multi-award winning Mojo 2 headphone amp and DAC (What HiFi "product of the year 2022", Techdar "The best portable DAC you can buy today", Hi-Fi Critic "You're going to love the Mojo 2", Hi-Fi News "Outstanding Product" , Hi-Fi Choice "Editor's choice") is special because of what it can do. It has great connectivity - including wireless streaming (with the addition of the Poly module) and unique fully transparent DSP tone controls. With 25 years experience in "FPGA" based programmable circuits - Chord Electronics configures the chip's hardware for Chord's own custom coding - you will enjoy class leading digital-to-analog conversion so your music sounds astonishingly natural and full of musical insight. Will effortlessly drive any headphones. Mojo 2 headphone amp and DAC
More details on the Mojo 2

Sept 5th 2022 - Brilliant All-in-One

QUAD's Artera Solus Play puts a 75 watt class A/B integrated amplifier, CD player and WiFi streaming all in a contemporary stylish component. And the sound? Very smooth with midrange transparency and a very black background rare at this price point. Partners well with a wide range of bookshelf, stand-mounted and floor standing loudspeakers and can be upgraded with the more powerful 140 watt Quad Artera stereo amplifier. Will exceed your expectations for sound quality. If you have CD's this is hard to beat as the core of a $5,000 system. Quad Artera Solus Play on demo at kemela
More details on the Quad Artera Solus Play

Aug 6th 2022 - Design Trends - Oak.

Finished with a minimal stain to show the open grain and figurations, natural oak contrasts with black and is catching on as a fresh look for many modern contemporary environments. AVIDHIFI's DIVA II SP sounds thoroughly revealing combined with the exceptional performance from an all QUAD HiFi system. Surely a compliment to anyone's living space? Quad Artera Pre and Stereo amplifier on demo at kemela
More details on the turntable
More details on the speakers
More details on the equipment stands
More details on the electronics
Call for an appointment to appreciate your vinyl records on this hugely engaging system.

Oct 15th 2021 - Good lookin' so refined...

The Spendor Classic 100Ti loudspeakers are breaking in nicely at kemela. You just have to listen to them every day and admire the way the multiple layer titanium front baffle subtly changes hue from the color of the reflected light in your room. There's a realism to the sound just from the separation and dynamics of the orchestra sections alone that simply draws you in that a whole lot of other speakers just can't convincingly muster up in the same way. The lack of compression and masterful crossover makes it easy to hear differences between various recordings of the same work on Tidal and I'm not sure some of the recording engineers would have been satisfied if they had replayed their efforts through these speakers. Spendor's loudspeaker-making experience really shines in this latest incarnation of their popular Classic 100 model. A wonderful job.
Want to spend a little time with them? Call for an appointment.
More details

Spendor Classic 100TI loudspeakers on demo at kemela
We've also got the more affordable Classic 2/3 - 8" woofer with tweeter 2-way design, serving up another great listening experience. And the popular A7 and the highly regarded D7.2. Something for everyone.

Oct 1st 2021 - New Line at kemela

Power Conditioning should be an essential element in all HiFi systems of all levels. Manufacturing high performance high quality reliable power conditioning units for over 20 years, Isol-8 is a leader in the field with a comprehensive deep understanding of how compromised mains supply, component power supply noise and interactions between components collectively spoil the sound of your system. To unleash the full potential of your system, we are now delighted to offer Isol-8 power conditioners for the first time in the US.
More details

Isol-8 LCX power conditioner Isol-8 pioneered transmodal filters, multisectional filtering, dc blocking and their no-compromise designs are built with the highest quality components including Mundorf foil inductors in the higher priced models. A highly cost effective upgrade.

Jan 1st 2021 - AVID Sigsum and Integra Integrated Amplifiers

kemela has added both high performing Integrateds to our demonstration portfolio and it didn't take long to appreciate what AVID has achieved here. They both reveal just how much information other integrated amplifiers loose in the works while providing a well balanced sound that you can listen to for hours. AVID's approach to product development hinges on uncovering key critical elements in design related to performance and then implementing with the best components. Most mannufacturers either do one or the other but rarely both throughout the circuit path. AVID's own excellent Pellar is built into the Integra and the Sigsum has the Pulsus with it's own dedicated power transformer. Deliverable power is particularly impressive from the Sigsum's 1,100 VA toroidal transformer and 132,000 uF capacitance reservoir bringing out the bass extension your speakers are actually capable of and a smile to your face. But that's only part of the experience.

AVID HIFI Sigsum and Integra integrated amplifiers

Shown here on Custom Design's Milan XL furniture in white along with AVID's Sequel turntable

Sept 24th 2020 - Audiophile Switches

kemela has added two audiophile switches to our demonstration portfolio. The English Electric 8Switch and Melco Audio's S100 provide an extra set of hands to support the work done by your router in managing data on your network. The sound quality of streaming services is greatly improved and even local streaming benefits from less noise contamination on the network. The modestly priced English Electric 8Switch is $595 and comes with a quality etherent cable while the built-from-the-ground-up Melco S100 is $2,199. We also help our customers get better audio streaming performance from their networks in other ways.

Melco Audio S100 audiophile switch

The English Electric Company 8switch

March 9th 2020 - New Products

Spendor's new D7 mk2 is by far the speaker we've been playing the most. Sounds great with amplifiers from Primare, Simaudio, Quad and Chord Electronics and easily demonstrates the M-scaler in action. Truly excellent sound from unobtrusive beautiful cabinets and worth every penny.

Spendor D7 mk2 speakers and Primare I35 integrated amplifier

Quad's Artera 140 watt stereo power amp has a striking design of unexpected quality at this price level and the new fully balanced Artera preamp with phono stage and tone controls reveals just how good the amp is.

Quad Artera stereo power amp

Quad Artera Preamplifier tilt control

Nov 18th 2019 - Outlet

Check out kemela's new Outlet site

KEF x300a wireless speakers
KEF's x300a Wireless loudspeakers - very affordable HiFi sound and a great gift

Nov 8th 2019 - Custom Design @ kemela

Custom Design Loudspeaker Stands and Furniture is now available in the U.S. from kemela.
Link for more on Custom Design

Custom Design Milan with Quad Artera
Milan Ref 10 black with clear glass housing newly released Quad Artera Preamp!.

Custom Design Milan HiFi Furniture
Milan XL white with black glass matching white KEF R7 speakers.
Custom Design's Milan furniture range comes in 4 different sizes with 4 different solid real wood spacing heights in 7 different finishes including Walnut. Optional anti resonance equipment platforms in various sizes are also available.

May 25th 2019 - Memorial Day Weekend Loudspeaker Close Out Sale

Lowest prices of the year on close out speakers from Wharfedale, KEF, Rega, Quad, and Spendor with extra discount on speaker cables. Get more for your money and audition before you buy. Compare to latest speakers such as Quad S5 and KEF R7. We have excellent demonstration facilities with normal sized rooms. Book your time now!

March 14th 2019 - Expect More from Digital Music

We are extremely impressed with the Hugo M Scaler "Upscaler" a whole new product category from Chord Electronics and a technology that first appeared in the BLU mk2 CD transport. Interposing between a digital source (CD transport, Music Player, Network streamer) and a DAC, the Hugo M Scaler brings fresh clarity, soundstage organization, and artistic intention to digital source listening experience.

Technological capability is often divorced from the range of formats in most people's music collections acquired over many years, yet by getting to the roots of the true requirements for accurate digital music processing, here is a product that gives you a far better rendition of well recorded 44.1kHz CDs or standard resolution music files than many disappointing hi-res recordings. With well recorded hi-res files, the M scaler will demonstrate what hi-res is all about. How a drum is struck, how the reed of a saxophone is blown, how vibrato and subtle dynamic phrasing of a singer is used to express, how individual voices add texture to a choir, how the interplay between individual musicians excites or relaxes, everything in fact that we hope to achieve in reproduced music that gets as close as possible to a real performance.

While the 768kHz-capable dual-BNC-inputs of Chord Electronics DACs demonstrate the full potential of the Hugo M Scaler, it can be used with non-Chord DACs. We also got great results from a 6-year old Chord Electronics Qute HD DAC which was forward thinking enough in design to process at 384kHz via BNC coax S/PDIF connected to the M-scaler.

kemela has been a Chord Electronics dealer since it's first FPGA digital product, the DAC 64, and we would love to demonstrate the M Scaler to you. More details

Chord M-scaler

Jan 14th 2019 - Cyrus ONE HD - Available now from kemela

Cyrus Audio's latest stylish high tech 100 watt integrated amplifier includes an advanced 32-bit DAC, MM phonostage, aptX® HD Bluetooth, AV bypass and two other analog inputs, and a superb headphone amplifier. Core is a linear power supply using a high spec toroidal transformer feeding the 4th generation Hybrid Class D design main amplifier to really drive just about any speakers you are likely to pair with it (no problem driving my Wilson Benesch Discovery speakers). Along with the powerful bass comes a great soundstage and dynamic range that is truly impressive from an amplifier of this size and price. The SID - Speaker Impedance Detection cleverly calibrates the amplifier to deliver a consistent sound across speakers with differing frequency dependent impedance curves. Unusually there is a separate class A/B headphone amplifier that uses the full ability of the large toroidal transformer to power the most demanding headphones offering performance on par with that from a dedicated headphone amplifier. Along with asynchronous USB 2.0 up to 32/192 and DSD128, there are 24/192 Optical Toslink and Coaxial SPDIF digital inputs. There is a preamp output and the system is conveniently controlled by a Bluetooth control app(Apple and Android). The rather nice illuminated Cyrus iR14 remote - which can learn functions of up to 2 other remotes - is an optional extra. More details
Cyrus ONE HD


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