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In our rapidly evolving digital world, it's amazing the familiar 12 inch 331/3 rpm vinyl record remains unchanged. Decades old turntables, or more precisely, record players (turntable, tonearm and cartridge) are still in service. Consider buying a new turntable as a potentially long term purchase that you will enjoy for many years. So buy a good one!

Diving In !

Modern manufacturing has vastly improved the performance of turntables, tonearms and cartridges and record players are available from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. Vinyl record orientated magazines and on-line media are sought out by those with a new interest in vinyl records. Are you wanting an occasional listen or are you seriously addicted! After deciding your ball park budget, the next decision is are you looking more for a no-fuss plug-and-play kind of record player that doesn't need much attention or maintenance, or are you looking to configure, tweak, and upgrade?

Many enjoy the collectability of vinyl records and may already have, or plan on acquiring, a sizable vinyl record collection. Today's vinyl records are better pressed with purer vinyl so they have fewer pops and crackles. A better record player will preserve the sound quality of your vinyl record collection investment.

The relative importance of the turntable itself, tonearm and cartridge

Like a HiFi system, you'll get the best sound quality for your money if the three are balanced. But if you are planning to evolve a system over time, it is probably better to focus on the table first. The turntable's biggest task is to rotate a record at a constant speed so notes maintain a stable pitch without 'wow' or 'flutter'. More expensive tables use an electronic speed controller not just to adjust speed but to isolate the motor from mains power fluctuations. The best electronic speed controllers are power amplifiers with digital signal processing that are individually calibrated to the specific motor in each turntable to minimize motor vibration.

The bearing supporting the platter needs to exhibit exceptionally smooth fixed axis rotation with no grinding noise or loose play that would introduce low frequency 'rumble'. The tonearm mounting system also needs to provide a secure platform to ensure that there is no play or relative motion to the main bearing. The design of the platter, plinth, motor mount, bearing, and tonearm mount forms the foundation from which everything else is referenced. These are all closely coupled together and subject to mechanical vibration energy that interacts with the vibration of the stylus set in motion from the groove of the rotating record. Turntables don't have to be large and massive to perform well. Rigidity and the frequency specific transmission of induced vibrations will determine the sensitivity and coloration of a turntable. Where you place a record player and the surface it sits on also influences the sound.

Tonearms and cartridges

The tonearm is a separate element from the table. It also needs to be very rigid, stable, with free horizontal and vertical movement but no other degrees of freedom. How the cartridge mounts to the tonearm and the quality of the internal wiring and external cables are also highly influential. An inexpensive cartridge can sound better than you might expect fitted to an expensive turntable/tonearm, similarly you may not get such a large boost in performance from fitting an expensive cartridge in a modest record player. Cartridges must be installed correctly and properly aligned for best performance.

The Choice is yours

Check out kemela's selection of plug and play and à la carte turntables and see what sounds and looks good to you.
Keep your records clean and you may well become one of the happy band of vinyl lovers!

  • Rega

  • AVID

  • Wilson Benesch

  • Merril Williams

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  • Rega Planar 2 HiFi turntable

    REGA Planar 2

  • Planar 3 HiFi turntable

    REGA Planar 3

  • Planar 6 HiFi turntable

    REGA Planar 6

  • AVID Ingenium HiFi record player

    AVID Ingenium P&P

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  • Rega Planar 8 HiFi turntable

    REGA Planar 8

  • AVID Diva HiFi turntable

    AVID Diva II

  • AVID Diva HiFi turntable

    AVID Diva II SP

  • Wilson-Benesch Circle HiFi turntable

    Wilson Benesch Circle

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  • Rega Planar 10 HiFi turntable

    REGA Planar 10

  • Merrill Williams REAL101 HiFi turntable

    Merrill Williams Real 101.2

  • AVID Volvere HiFi turntable

    AVID Volvere SP

  • AVID Sequel HiFi turntable

    AVID Sequel SP

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  • AVID Acutus Classic HiFi turntable

    AVID Acutus Classic

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