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A good pair of headphones will add a lot of pleasure to your personal listening. They are an alternative but not a substitution for loudspeakers.

kemela offers a small selection of headphones chosen for sound quality, comfort, serviceability and value. Auditioning headphones is very straight forward and worth the extra time to get headphones that suit your music and anatomy.

A good headphone amplifier is essential for high quality headphones.

  • KEF M500

  • beyerdynamic T50p

  • beyerdynamic DT990

  • beyerdynamic T1

  • beyerdynamic T50P headphones

    beyerdynamic T50p

  • beyerdynamic DT880 headphones

    beyerdynamic DT880

  • beyerdynamic DT990 headphones

    beyerdynamic DT990

  • beyerdynamic T1 headphones

    beyerdynamic T1

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KEF Headphones