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Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator

Wilson Benesch Torus

Subwoofers support very low frequencies in high fidelity stereo systems but often suffer from a lagging and resonant response that tends to make them sound detached from the rest of the system. Wilson Benesch have addressed these issues and refer to the Torus as an "Infrasonic Generator" to differentiate the product from the more common "Subwoofers".

The highly regarded Torus is a leading Wilson Benesch product that has received many awards, including Absolute Sound's 2006 product of the year award, and a What hi-fi highly commended technology award.

The Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator reproduces low frequencies while seamlessly blending in to the other loudspeakers in a system. It comes with a separate power amplifier with controls for adjusting amplitude, frequency roll-in, and phase. Low level RCA and High level speaker inputs are provided.

The Torus was the result of several years of research, a radical rethink of the basic physics and engineering challenges of tuneful low frequency generation, and the availability of advanced carbon fiber material technology. The diaphragm is the stiffest, lightest, and most highly damped diaphragm ever made. The multi-axis orientation carbon fibre weave is a could not be made until quite recently, it weighs 18gm yet can re-direct energy and cope with a load 100,000 times it's own mass. Most subwoofers need substantial suspensions to prevent the low resonance heavy diaphragms from tearing apart and to prevent "off-center set". However as a result, increased inertia and energy storage creates memory hysteresis (slow to start, and slow to stop once going).

The Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator solves this problem by controlling the diaphragm by a dual motor push/pull drive consisting of two sets of 82mm diameter voice coils that are deployed infront of and behind the diaphragm around a massive 16Kg precision machined central core containing high energy rare-earth magnets. The coils use non-commercially available but incredibly high heat conducting boron nitride, and the core conducts all the heat and structural borne resonant energy directly to the ground bypassing the cabinet.

The separate 200 watt continuous (1000 watt peak) power external amplifier is completely isolated from all the structural borne energy in the cabinet with low end equalization or flat override DIP settings and front panel adjustable phase, high end frequency cut off and gain for separate high and low level signal inputs.

The Torus diaphragm can move large amounts of air giving rarefaction and compression with small movement in an instant like a drum. Compare this to the slow "pumping" action of smaller diaphragms moving through a longer throw. The Torus beats all other subwoofers for musicality because it can keep up with real world low frequency musical events to give, for example, a true attack to a kick drum, articulation to organ pedals, and definition to low frequency synthesized rhythms. Most importantly the Torus Infrasonic Generator is much easier to blend into a system. Even better results are possible with a dual Torus setup. Paired with the Wilson Benesch Trinity loudspeakers, an unprecedented 10Hz to 100KHz wide band response is possible.

U.S Retail Price: $12,500 for Torus and Torus Amplifier

The Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator is hand-made to order with a delivery time of approximately 8 weeks. Wilson Benesch is located in Sheffield England - the traditional home of steel engineering in the UK - and is the only U.K. audio company to have won government funding for its innovative development work.

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