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Straight Wire cables

Straight Wire is best known for its wide range of affordable solid performance analog and digital audio cables.

With over 40 years experience, Straight wire has one of the broadest portfolios in the industry covering multiple applications across analog audio, video, and digital technologies. Straight Wire cables are used by leading manufacturers at A/V trade shows and they are a supplier for the internal wiring found in well known hi-fi speaker brands. Straight Wire is known for offering good performing dependable custom-made products at affordable price levels.

Straight Wire Upgrading your cables is one of the least expensive paths to better sound and video. Cables that come in the box with the equipment should only be considered as temporary hook ups. To allow your components to perform optimally allow a cable expenditure of 10%-15% of your equipment costs.

A good set of Straight Wire cables made with the right terminations, length, and sonic characteristics for your equipment will often postpone the need to upgrade speakers and electronics and is essential infrastructure for future component upgrades.

Interconnects Full range of analog interconnects at all price levels
Speaker cables Full range of speaker cables at all price levels
USB and DAC digital cables USB, SPDIF and AES/EBU balanced digital cables
Mains power cables Full range of mains power cables at all price levels
HDMI cables High speed HDMI cables

Straight Wire takes pride in doing specialized work to your individual requirements. Need tonearm cable sets, splitters, subwoofer cables, in wall cables?
If they can make it Straight Wire can deliver quickly.

Kemela has one of the widest ranges of Straight Wire speaker cables and interconnects.
Contact Kemela to discuss optimal packages for your system and best pricing.

Why so cost effective?

Because Straight Wire does not pay for marketing or expensive packaging materials - you pay for the cookies not the tin (as my mother used to say)

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