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Straight Wire digital and USB cables

Straight Wire's Info-Link is one of the best performing best value digital cables in the industry.

Straight Wire has great experience in manufacturing digital cables. With digital USB and DAC cables, manufacturing quality is particularly important for the cable to perform consistently between production runs and even well designed cables using good quality materials will not perform well if the manufacturing process is not well controlled.

As usual, Straight Wire digital cables are offered in several performance levels to match the equipment and performance level desired at very reasonable prices. Owner Steven Hill believes excellent digital performance can be achieved at affordable prices and there is no need to spend more money on a USB cable than the DAC itself! Certainly Stereophile magazine is in agreement and list Straight Wire Info-link and USB-link as recommended cables that offer great performance for a bargain price.

As with video cables, multiple shields and better insulation are important to minimize interference and reduce error in digital data transmission. The less the receiver chip has to work to correct data errors, the more the time sensitive low level transient information is preserved that creates the imaging, air and spaciousness in the analog and ultimately acoustical domain. This is why digital cables sound different. Manufacturers like Straight Wire go to great lengths to reduce jitter and propagation delays in digital circuitry between and even within large silcon wafer chips. Relatively speaking cables are a significant and influential element in the digital chain.

Note unlike analog interconnects, digital cables sound better in longer lengths. This is because even with the very best termination, signal reflections occur at the interface, and with high speed propagation digital signals, these reflections are less likely to resonate and interfere with the original signal over a longer length due to the propagation delay between reflections. Cables less than 1M should be avoided. 1.5M is a popular choice.
Straight Wire does extensive testing of its digital cables so they conform to standards.

straight wire digital and USB cables

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Straight Wire S-Link Digital Cable

  • S-LINK'S fast data propagation make it suitable for many digital applications
  • Heavy silver platted OFHC Strandred conductors with super foam polyethylene insulation
  • Dual silver plated foil/braid shielding
  • RCA or BNC termination available

Straight Wire Mega-Link Digital Cable

  • Premium cable with constant 75 Ohm impedance for accurate transmission
  • 15% Silver coated OFHC stranded conductors with micro foam PTFE insulation
  • Foamed polyethylene insulation with dual silver plated braid and foil shields
  • Straight Wire's most recent high performance digital cable

Straight Wire Info-Link Digital Cable

  • Absolute Sound praised INFO-LINK as a bargain
  • Pure Silver stranded conductors with super micro foam PTFE insulation
  • Dual silver plated foil/braid shielding
  • RCA or BNC termination available
  • Greatest bandwidth with excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Studio level performance for the most demanding digital interfacing

Straight Wire Balanced Info-Link Digital Cable

  • Absolute Sound praised INFO-LINK as a bargain
  • Pure Silver stranded conductors with super micro foam PTFE insulation
  • Dual silver plated foil/braid shielding
  • XLR termination for AES/EBU digital interfacing equipment
  • Recommended by Berkeley audio for their DACs

Straight Wire USB-Link USB Cable

  • Highly regarded affordable USB cable
  • Silver plated OFC Stranded conductors
  • Straight Wire's Compressed Conductor Technology
  • Preserves dynamics, harmonics and transparency over digital transmission

Straight Wire USBF USB Cable

  • Features separate data and power conductor filtering on source end to reduce noise and data errors
  • Silver plated OFC low resistance conductors with foamed PE insulation
  • Straight Wire's Compressed Conductor Technology for less "strand jumping"
  • High coverage shielding
  • Perfect for optimal digital transmission especially over longer lengths

Straight Wire TOS-LINK

  • Affordable high quality optical digital cable
  • High speed low loss transmission
  • Greatest signal to noise ratio
  • Value option for longer lengths

Straight Wire Musicable IPOD

  • Inexpensive way to connect iPod/iPhone to stereo system using analog headphone socket
  • Straight Wire classic cable in 1/8th" mini jack to 2 RCA configuration
  • Low noise star quad design of 4 OFC conductors in Polypropylene insulation
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