Straight Wire interconnects

Straight Wire interconnects are designed to convey the low level signals between source components with minimal loss to preserve all the musical information. Straight Wire interconnect designs employ a careful choice of conductor materials, insulation, plugs and solder, and are fabricated under closely controlled manufacturing conditions for consistent performance quality. The interconnect range is quite large to better match most of the leading brands of source components at various price levels with a variety of sonic presentations. Balanced versions are available throughout most the range. All interconnects ordered through kemela are hand-assembled by Straight Wire.

Crescendo 3 is the latest version of Straight Wire's radical low resistance twelve conductor large diameter interconnect that that offers smooth unfatiguing sound in a vast 3D soundstage.

Other standouts in the range include Rhapsody S, a six conductor helical design with locking RCA plugs that provides great dynamics and Expressivo which has excellent performance at its price point. Straight Wire interconnects will meet the interfacing needs of source components within sound systems of all price levels while providing captivating reproduction.

kemela is one of the largest Straight Wire dealers in the south east and has been associated with Straight Wire since 2001. We have a small supply of rare legacy interconnect cables such as Maestro II and Virtuoso Gold. kemela's experience in providing cables for use in the high end products we actually sell, and our close liaison with Straight Wire's experienced consultation services, (which includes retail sales experience and through providing manufacturers with cables for demonstrating at shows) is an important benefit we offer over other on-line vendors. At the end of the day buying the right cable for your particular system is more important than what others have found may work well in theirs.

From time to time we acquire B-stock cables, including Crescendo interconnects, at significant discounts. Call kemela if you are looking for top performance at lower cost. We also offer competitive pricing especially when combining interconnects with speaker cables, power cables, digital or HDMI cables.

straight wire interconnects

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Straight Wire Musicable II Interconnect

  • A Straight Wire classic that leads the field for this price level
  • Low noise star quad design of 4 OFC conductors in PP insulation
  • Very good cost-effective performance over long runs
  • Essential inexpensive upgrade the easily outperforms cables supplied in the box
  • Available in multichannel bundles, ipod connectors, and as inexpensive balanced XLR cable

Straight Wire Chorus Interconnect

  • Great sonic realism and depth with plenty of detail
  • Symetrical coax design with skived PTFE insulation
  • Cleaner midrange and extended treble than musicable
  • Great presence
  • Ideal for opening up otherwise dull systems

Straight Wire Symphony II Interconnect

  • Silky midrange and rich bass conveys great texture
  • Low noise star quad design of 4 coated OFHC conductors in TPR insulation
  • Dynamic soundstage with superior performance even in longer lengths
  • Compatible with broad range of components
  • Very popular interconnect

Straight Wire Sonata Interconnect

  • Excels in midrange clarity with high freqency extension
  • Symetrical coax design of OFHC copper conductors with PTFE insulation
  • Tight bass with tight focus and placement in the deep soundstage
  • Neutral timbres
  • Call for availability

Straight Wire Encore II Interconnect

  • Astonishingly clear midrange approaching reference level
  • Low noise star quad design of 4 coated OFHC conductors with foam PP insulation
  • High compatibility with many components
  • Individually coated conductors for reduced acoustic grain and longer life
  • Attractive red braid and clear jacket allows more extended bass

Straight Wire Rhapsody S Interconnect

  • Clear midrange with detailed articulation and luxurious musicality
  • Six Silver/OFHC conductors with foam PP insulation in optimally packed helix
  • More dynamic than Encore with fuller bass
  • A good all round versatile interconnect with few trade-offs
  • Locking RCA plug

Straight Wire Expressivo II Interconnect

  • New interconnect cable to match Expressivo speaker cable
  • Advanced helix of compressed OHFC conductors in dual foamed PE/PP insulation
  • Well balanced cable with airy presentation and defined soundstage
  • Good information preservation at affordable price
  • Flexible durable grey jacket with optional outer white or black mesh

Straight Wire Maestro II Interconnect

  • Focused sound with excellent resolution of low level detail
  • Dual coax design of OFHC coated copper conductors in micro foam PTFE insulation
  • Front row up-close sound
  • A classic standard
  • Call for availability

Straight Wire Serenade 3 Interconnect

  • Rich smooth sound yet articulate and engaging
  • Advanced helix of compressed OFHC conductors in super foam PP + PTFE insulation
  • Well balanced treble with extended bass
  • More resolving than Rhapsody S
  • Rich spatial soundstage

Straight Wire Solo Interconnect

  • Cost effective version of Virtuoso
  • Classic symetrical coax design of cert silver coated copper conductors in micro foam PTFE insulation
  • Focused, seamless full bandwidth sound - extended treble and bass
  • Lifelike midrange with good localisation
  • Single ended RCA only

Straight Wire Virtuoso R2 Interconnect

  • Wide bandwidth interconnect
  • Classic dual coax design of cert silver coated copper conductors in micro foam PTFE insulation
  • Excels at accurate high frequency timing for precise spatial localisation
  • Full harmonics provide focused vivid lifelike timbres with tight extended bass
  • Used by many manufacturers for final "voicing" of reference designs

Straight Wire Crescendo 3 Interconnect

  • This physically impressive interconnect offers a vast holographic, dynamic, and well-balanced presentation
  • Advanced helix of cert copper CDA101 conductors in dual super foam PP/PTFE insulation
  • Low resistance attribute unleashes the music within well-dimensioned sound stage
  • Excellent rendering of both low level ambient details and grand scale full orchestra
  • A very satisfying cable that works well in many systems at a realistic price

Stereo & Home Theater

Musicable II
Chorus AG
Symphony II
Eencore II
Rhapsody S

Audiophile Stereo

Expressivo II
Maestro II
Serenade 3
Virtuoso R2
Crescendo 3

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