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Wadia was the first company to produce an iPod docking station with bit perfect digital audio output that could be connected to a home high fidelity audio system. This is not surprising since Wadia, founded in 1988, was an early pioneer in digital audio and has addressed many of the core technological issues throughout its product development. The better audio companies follow product development processes that, while being highly technical, do not abandon artistic communication within audio reproduction. Wadia has a history of successfully applying these methods and bringing products to the marketplace that meet the needs of the audio enthusiast.

There are many players in the field of iPod/iPhone/iPad based audio playback systems. With 20+ years of experience, however, Wadia maintains an excellent reputation for products that are both technically advanced and musically satisfying. Many design approaches used in its reference level products trickle-down into their less expensive products that reach a wider domain of listeners.

The series 1 products that kemela currently carries provide the ideal path to extend the scope of today's mobile devices from beyond the personal earbud/headphone space, and into more social settings and environments. USB inputs make connecting a computer, and listening to downloaded music, simple and straight forward.

Wadia 171i

Wadia 171i iPod/iPhone/iPad Docking Station

  • Superior performing digital hub
  • Digital output only (requires DAC)
  • Also processes high resolution video signals
  • Useful infrared remote control
  • Last one!

Wadia 151PowerDAC Mini Amplifier

  • 25/50 watts into 8/4 ohms class D amplifier with built in DAC
  • 24bit/96kHz USB input
  • 24bit/192kHz optical and SPDIF coaxial inputs(2)
  • PCM to PWM internal 24/384 upsampling with direct ditigal volume control
  • Clean vocals, dynamic, with smoother treble than most class D amplifiers

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151PowerDAC Mini